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Into the Mystic

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the artist formerly known as Merkabamystica
25 November 1972
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April, 2008: Wherever I go, there I am. I almost erased all the stuff below and started clean, then decided not to. Currently, I'm a licensed private practice psychotherapist, in an odd little family owned building, surrounded by colorful family. I'm single. I write, I dance, I do yoga. I pretend to know more about technology than I do, and often that works. A work in progress, I try to be mindful and avoid perfectionism. I get more done that way.

Dec, 2006:
Back in the Bay Area where I was born and raised after many years away, I begin the next chapter of my life. I spent the last two years working in a mental health agency getting my 3000 clinical hours of experience towards licensure as an MFT. Now I'm slowly unfolding into a new horizon. I'm a healer with a focus on self esteem and body image. I write and teach workshops. I belly dance. I'm polytheistic, but not polyamourous or polyannaish; hedonistic but not a derelict; discreet but not closemouthed, dark but not evil; sharp but not cutting; happy but not glazed over; optimistic but not in denial. I would love to meet the love of my life. I'm independent enough to not settle if I don't. I'm currently preparing to surprise even myself.

Aug 2006:I've just gotten officially bored with my bio. The retooled on on March 21, 2005 and again on April 28, 2005. And again on August 5, 2006.
I am a writer, who is working my way towards becoming a psychotherapist in CA. I'm currently obsessed with the idea of Hollywood as mirror of cultural narcissism. I believe I'm living in Hollywood to study the juxtaposition between the Hollywood myth, Hollywood reality, and my personal myth. It could be entertaining. I just finished my master's thesis, which is loosely an ecofeminist, depth psychological, media criticism-influenced, yogic, and body-centered look at body image and eating disorders filtered through the lens of my personal experience. Now I'm trying to turn it into a book and make it funny. I used to work with the chronically mentally ill, mostly schizophrenics. Now I do in home therapy with kids. I'm building a private practice. I'm a licensed hypnotist. My interests are psychology (especially a the depth, archetypal, psychodynamic, imaginal and Jungian orientations), dreams, middle eastern dance, magick, and yoga. I consider myself at times, however rare, a thinker. Given all I know about the world, I still choose optimism as a way of being. I am an extravert who loves to be alone, I'm a Saggitarius, and I try to hang onto a sense of humor, which doesn't always work but when I remember its not working I can usually laugh at myself.
Currently my passion is tuning out ninety percent of what others say, especially when it comes to what can and can't be done, and having the guts to strive for a life of my choosing.
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